The American Vintage society

American Vintage travels round the world to meet its brand-ambassadors and discover their inspirations, style and passions. Today, we’re diving into the wardrobes of a French influencer living in LA, the most Italian of the Parisian you’ll ever meet, a fashion buyer and a fitness instructor.

the bourgeois and bohemian life of @lifeofboheme

Marta Cygan is a 34-year old French influencer living in the USA, who uses her Instagram account to show off her latest fashion and design inspiration.

How would you define being stylish?

It’s all about your look and your energy. It’s the confidence you get from the clothes you wear.

What are your latest must-have pieces?

Dresses! Backless dresses are timeless and so feminine… I’ve always preferred to show my back than my cleavage.

How do you express your personality through your clothes?

I was born in Poland, raised in France and now live in Los Angeles. My style is nomadic. It adapts to anywhere and anything. I love outfits with casual nonchalance. Just throw on a smile and you’re good to go!

What are your favourite American Vintage pieces this season?

This summer, I’ll be layering colourful cottons, with pastel pink, green, yellow… paired with Tineborrow, the super-comfortable and perfect-fit white boyfriend jeans. With a pair of tennis shoes and a sweater, it’s a perfect look.

healthy living with @antoinegounet

Antoine Gounet is a former professional goalkeeper who became a Pilates instructor and model. What does he wear every day?

Is it important to have “style”?

Style is intuitive. It’s what identifies us and defines us so I think so, yes. At the end of the day, it’s about being yourself. It’s a way of feeling good through the clothes you wear.

How did you find your style?

My style is simple and casual chic, in fairly dark colours. I like wearing fashionable yet practical clothes that look authentic and go with my sporty look.

How do you choose your looks?

It depends on my schedule, the activities I have planned, my mood, the weather, and the time of day. I put on sportswear every day so I like to look different the rest of the time in a more elegant outfit.

What is your everyday go-to look?

A pair of jeans with black ankle boots, a white T-shirt and a slightly oversized mid-season jacket. It’s perfect for catching a bit of culture or heading for a night out with friends.

What will you be buying from American Vintage this season?

The Cambridge trousers. They’re both elegant and comfortable, and will go great with the Oxipark jacket with its cool vibes and thick wool blend.

neutral shades by @annabelrosendahl

Drawing on inspiration from her travels and a natural colour palette, fashion buyer Annabel Rosendahl travels the world in search of upcoming must-have pieces.

Can you buy style?

No, never! Style is something very personal. It can’t be bought or borrowed. It’s about self-confidence and owning your clothing choices.

What recent trends have you spotted (and liked)?

I love neutral tones like cream, beige, coffee or chocolate… All the classics! I’m also increasingly looking at the ethics of the brands I invest in. I’m choosing basics to mix with what I already have in my wardrobe.

How do you show your personality through the clothes you wear?

I always mix casual and androgynous pieces with more visible standout details.

What would you wear from American Vintage this summer?

White! All white everything!

sensual spring with @joannepalmaro

This Parisian comes straight out of Italy. We met model Joanne Palmaro who told us all about her vision of style.

How did you “find” your style?

And what does all that add up to?

Is colour important?

What American Vintage look are you going for this summer?

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